Dry Pump Solutions

The following posts highlight solutions we have offered our customers for common issues.

Edwards nXDS15i Dry Scroll Pump: Foreline pressure around 1 Torr, high base

My foreline pressure was around 1 Torr on one of my systems that uses a nXDS15i. I looked and it had a PTB rebuild sticker on it dated 9/2020. I thought that is strange, a fresh pump with high base. Can’t recall that happening with the excellent pumps we get from you. Easiest test for me was to throw another pump on and see what happens. Well I threw one of my tip seal rebuild pumps on it and same thing... Turned out I had a leak on one of my hoses... Just had to share that it seemed like I had a rebuild that didn’t last but I was wrong. Life is good! Thanks for all the great service, we really appreciate you all.

EBARA A07V Dry Pump: Failure message, high current, possible blockage in facility exhaust system

We have tested your pump and found that the pump is seized which explains the high current message. The pump's hour-meter now reads almost 2,500 hours and we set it to zero when it was rebuilt. There is a fine black powder of process contaminant or by-product coating the inside of the pump which likely caused the pump seizure. The pump will require a complete rebuild to return to service. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Corrosion    Corrosion

Pros & Cons of GV Dry Pumps vs Piston Pumps

Cons: Higher acquisition cost, nitrogen purge required (air is OK in clean processes) Pros: Lower overall cost of ownership, longer mean time between repair, superior particulate and water vapor handling, no oil back streaming, narrower footprint, blower mounted directly above pump.

Varian 600DS Scroll Pump: Weird noise, tripped breaker, pump works but very slowly, motor sounds like it did not get enough power

We have inspected your pump and duplicated your problem. The motor tries to drive the pump but the pump would not turn. We disassembled the pump and tested the motor separately and it does run. We inspected the pump parts and found the exhaust valve completely blocked off with corrosion.

Corrosion    Corrosion

As the exhaust valve became more and more clogged the performance of your pump decreased and a greater load was put on the motor. This is what caused the breaker to trip. Apparently there is a corrosive material or combination of materials in your process that is collecting in the exhaust valve. We recommend frequent maintenance of the exhaust valve and the exhaust fitting to prevent the buildup of corrosion. If the materials causing the corrosion cannot be eliminated or trapped you may want to consider changing to a pump with a gas ballast. This would help to carry water vapor and other condensables out of the pump exhaust. This pump failure is process-related and is not covered under our warranty. I will have our sales department contact you with further details. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.