Scroll Pump Preventative Maintenance

Scroll pumps have become the dry pump of choice for multiple applications due to their cleaner operation, lower vibration / noise and long service life. However, if the pump is not properly maintained early failure is likely.

Dry scroll pump maintenance intervals are typically on a yearly basis under ideal conditions. The long intervals between maintenance can make it easy to forget or postpone pump maintenance and real-world conditions may require shortening the maintenance interval. We recommend keeping a daily or weekly log of pump performance to record base pressure, operating hours, current draw or any abnormal noise as referenced in Table 1. This will assure proper pump performance is maintained and is an early indicator of potential problems well in advance of failure.

Table 1 - Scroll Pump Maintenance Log
Date / Time Tool Location Model Serial # Base Pressure Operation Hours Current Abnormal Noise Maintenance Performed

Preventative maintenance tasks include greasing the bearings and replacing tip seals. However, if you observed a change in pump vibration/noise, this could be an indicator of worn bearings requiring pump servicing. The severity of the noise in conjunction with reviewing the data collected in Table 1 is a good indicator if the pump should be replaced immediately or during the next scheduled tool PM.

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PTB recommends the following Scroll Pump PM Schedule

Daily / Weekly Monitoring: Populate Table 1

  • Check exhaust for free flow of air at high pressure
  • If the pump is continuously operated at ultimate pressure isolate from the system and open the inlet to atmosphere for 3-5 seconds to exhaust water vapor and other condensations
  • Check the pump for excessive noise, vibration, high temperature, proper cooling fan operation, clean cooling fins and clogged air muffler

Annual Maintenance

  • Grease bearings (N/A to Edwards XDS pumps)
  • Replace tip seals
  • Replace seals, O-rings and exhaust valve
  • Regular pump monitoring and maintenance are keys to prevent catastrophic pump failure and unscheduled tool downtime. Contact PTB Sales for Dry Scroll Pump applications support, new equipment purchase, refurbished equipment purchase or repair services.



"When maintenance interval has elapsed... this vacuum pump requires maintenance conducted only by our authorized specialist. Never try to disassemble, reassemble or alter on user’s side."

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