Procedures to Ship to Us

When shipping any used items to PTB, e-mail Shipping, Customer Service or Purchasing.

  • Drain fluids (e-mail us for reclaim of used oils.)
  • Seal openings.
  • We have facilities to properly dispose of installed filter elements.
  • Attach our pump declaration form to the equipment to declare what contaminates the equipment has been exposed to. You may also e-mail this form to your Sales Representative. Please download to fill out and sign.
  • If there are reportable quantities of any hazardous material, e-mail our office prior to shipping. Pertinent labeling and shipping information can be found at the US DOT Hazmat Safety site.
Outgoing Shipping Procedures
  • Heat treated crates are built for vacuum pumps.
  • Parcels are shipped with foam in place packaging.
  • Large vacuum pumps are securely bolted to a pallet.
  • Cryopumps are boxed with a new packaging design.