Turbo Pump Solutions

The following posts highlight solutions we have offered our customers for common issues.

Leybold TURBOVAC TMP 150 Turbo Pump & NT 150/360 Controller: System will not operate, LED lights turn on but turbo does not energize

We have spoken to the customer and found the issue - the voltage selector was at 220V instead of 110V.

Agilent TwisTorr 84 FS Turbo Pump: Operating Procedures
Turbo Care & Use 101 - Part 5 - Venting & Shutdown

Proper venting and shutdown are critical to maintain your vacuum system and the life of your pump. See how it is done correctly in the final video in this 5-part series.

Turbo Care & Use 101 - Part 4 - Normal Operation

See how the turbo pump responds to the introduction of a gas load, and learn how to understand operating parameters such as power, current and voltage in Part 4 of the 5-part series.

Turbo Care & Use 101 - Part 3 - Startup

Learn how to start the turbo safely and efficiently in Part 3 of the 5-part series.

Turbo Care & Use 101 - Part 2 - Installation

Part 2 of the 5-part series describes proper installation of the turbo pump, backing pump and turbo controller to your vacuum system.

Turbo Care & Use 101 - Part 1 - Pump Overview

Take a tour of the turbo pump itself in this Part 1 of a 5-part series.