Advanced Energy Pinnacle 10kW 480V 3152419-102

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USED Advanced Energy AE Pinnacle 10kW 480V DC Magnetron Power Supply 3152419-102

The power supply remote will be provided as an option at half our current refurbished price.

Microprocessor Advantages

The internal microprocessor checks for proper circuit operation while supervising all operating parameters. System diagnostics run when the unit is initially powered up. The most recent power settings and conditions (such as output production) are retained in non-volatile memory.


The displays on the passive panels as well as the control panels show power, current, or voltage levels. (The displays show levels for unit A and unit B if this is a dual unit). They also display information about output, setpoint, interlock, bus fault, over temperature, arcs, and error codes.

Arc-Suppression Feature

With the Pinnacle's arc-handling feature enabled, the hard-arc detection time is less than 1µs, and delivered are energy is less than 10 mJ for a kW inverter. (Depending on your unit's output configuration, the energy could be significantly less than 10 mJ).

Additionally, the arc-suppression feature enables you to implement preprogrammed arc-handling functions during your normal process cycle and your target conditioning cycle (TCC). In this mode the arc detect time and arc shutdown time are fixed by target type (metal or nonmetal). But you may also customize your arc shutdown and arc detect delay times by selecting the custom mode. Other parameters, including long arc count limit and voltage trip level, arc selectable through the Pinnacle Remote Active Panel or serial communications (Host) port.

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Input voltage 200/208, 400 or 480 VAC (all ±10%)
3-phase, 4 wire, 50 to 60 Hz, no neutral required
Efficiency > 90%
Power factor 0.90 for loads > 1.2 kW
Output voltage Low Z, standard Z or high Z
Output polarities Floating default with positive and negative capability
Output ripple voltage The component of output ripple voltage related to input line frequency is < 5% RMS
Output power repeatability 0.1% from 10% to 100% of rated power
(from run to run at a constant set point)
Remote panel or host port ±1% of full-rated output
User port 1% or ±0.2% of full-rated output, whichever is greater
Line regulation 1% for 10% line voltage change or ±2% frequency change
Load regulation ±1% for 4:1 load change within V-1 limits of tap range
Temperature coefficient < 0.005%/°C variation in the regulated output parameter over 20° to 40°C (68° to 104°F) ambient temperature range
Product line (overall) Specification accuracy is Cpk < 1.5
Analog interface options 37-pin isolated (to 500 VRMS), 0 to 10 VDC analog, 0/24 VDC digital
37-pin, 0 to 10 VDC analog, 0/15 VDC digital
37-pin, 0 to 5 VDC analog, 0/15 VDC digital
Serial communication options     RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (selectable baud rates up to 57.6k)
Profibus (selectable baud rates of 1.5 or 12 MB); AE Bus protocol
DeviceNet option available
Output power connector Three-terminal, multi-contact, pluggable connector (with shielded or plastic strain relief), UHF, military or ring lug
Input power connector Five-terminal, DIN compression connector


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USED Advanced Energy AE Pinnacle 10kW 480V DC Magnetron Power Supply 

3152419102 / 3152419-102