Advanced Energy Pinnacle 6kW 208V 3152362-011

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USED Advanced Energy AE Pinnacle 6kW 208V DC Magnetron Power Supply 3152362-011

The power supply remote is sold separately as an option.

The output connectors are available as in Appendix A of the manual but are purchased separately as options.

Pinnacle 3152362-011, 6k 208V PFP HH p11. 6 kW AE buss and single 24V isolated user, 208V input, p11 output connector, passive front panel. Software for OCLI that enables each supply to be used as either a master or slave for stacking power.

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Input voltage 200/208, 400 or 480 VAC (all ±10%)
3-phase, 4 wire, 50 to 60 Hz, no neutral required
Efficiency > 90%
Power factor 0.90 for loads > 1.2 kW
Output voltage Low Z, standard Z or high Z
Output polarities Floating default with positive and negative capability
Output ripple voltage The component of output ripple voltage related to input line frequency is < 5% RMS
Output power repeatability 0.1% from 10% to 100% of rated power
(from run to run at a constant set point)
Remote panel or host port ±1% of full-rated output
User port 1% or ±0.2% of full-rated output, whichever is greater
Line regulation 1% for 10% line voltage change or ±2% frequency change
Load regulation ±1% for 4:1 load change within V-1 limits of tap range
Temperature coefficient < 0.005%/°C variation in the regulated output parameter over 20° to 40°C (68° to 104°F) ambient temperature range
Product line (overall) Specification accuracy is Cpk < 1.5
Analog interface options 37-pin isolated (to 500 VRMS), 0 to 10 VDC analog, 0/24 VDC digital
37-pin, 0 to 10 VDC analog, 0/15 VDC digital
37-pin, 0 to 5 VDC analog, 0/15 VDC digital
Serial communication options     RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (selectable baud rates up to 57.6k)
Profibus (selectable baud rates of 1.5 or 12 MB); AE Bus protocol
DeviceNet option available
Output power connector Three-terminal, multi-contact, pluggable connector (with shielded or plastic strain relief), UHF, military or ring lug
Input power connector Five-terminal, DIN compression connector


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USED Advanced Energy AE Pinnacle 6kW 208V DC Magnetron Power Supply 

3152362011 / 3152362-011