Agilent Varian SD 40 - REBUILT

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Weight 26.4 lbs
Pumping Speed 1.4 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 2.3 x 10-3 torr

Agilent Varian SD 40 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The series 40 pump model is specially designed for integration into portable or compact systems (spectrometers, analyzers, leak detectors ... ). It presents the following main characteristics:

  • A direct drive motor, making it very compact
  • An electrically insulated handle is used for easy carrying.
  • An anti-suckback system ensures the tightness of the pump during accidental or voluntary shutdowns.
  • A gas ballast enables the pumping of condensable vapours.
  • The single-phase motor can be disassembled independently of the rest of the pump, without the need to drain the oil case.
  • On the oil case, a vertical sight glass can be used to inspect the oil level easily when filling the tank and during the operation of the pump.

If the requested voltage is not in stock then we will purchase a new motor and split the cost with you. They run on various vacuum pump oils.

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Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Number of stages 2
Nominal flow rate 2 m3/h 2.4 m3/h
1.4 cfm
Flow rate Pneurop method 1.6 m3/h 2.2 m3/h
1.1 cfm
Ultimate pressure w/ gas ballast closed 2.3 x 10-3 / 3 x 10-3 Torr/mbar
3 x 10-1 Pa
Ultimate pressure w/ gas ballast open 2.3 x 10-2 / 3 x 10-2 Torr/mbar
3 Pa
Oil capacity 0.35 liters
Maximum water vapour pumping capacity 22.5 / 30 Torr/mbar
3 x 103 Pa
Water vapour pumping capacity 36 g/h 35 g/h
Weight (pump + 1-phase motor) 26.4 lbs / 12 kg
Inlet fitting DN 16 ISO-KF
Exhaust fitting 10 mm

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Agilent Varian SD 40 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

P1111307  SD-40  1-phase universal motor