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Edwards ELD500 Precision Helium Leak Detector - NEW

Edwards new ELD500 fully automated leak detector has arrived. It’s designed for fast, accurate leak detection in a wide range of applications, is fully mobile with an easy to use control interface. Edwards ELD500 is your perfect partner in leak detection.

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Specifications Wet Dry Flex
Lowest detectable to helium leak rate
    Vacuum operation  mbar l/s ≤ 5 x 10-12 ≤ 3 x 10-11 ≤ 5 x 10-12
    Sniffer operation  mbar l/s ≤ 7 x 10-9
Max. measurable helium leak rate
    Vacuum operation  mbar l/s > 0.1
Measurement ranges 12 decades
Max. permissible inlet pressure 15 mbar
Pumping speed during pumpdown, 50/60 Hz     2.5 / 3 m3h-1 1.6 / 1.8 m3h-1 N/A
Helium pumping speed in the ne mode 3.1 l/s
Time constant for leak rate signal < 1 s
Time until ready for operation ≤ 2 min
Power consumption 420 VA 350 VA 200 VA
Inlet flange DN 25 KF NW 25
Dimensions 495 x 456 x 314 mm
Weight 40 kg 35.5 kg 30 kg

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Edwards ELD500 Precision Helium Leak Detector - NEW

D13510903 D135-10-903  ELD500 Wet  200-240V 50/60Hz
D13510906 D135-10-906  ELD500 Wet  100-120V 60Hz
D13520903 D135-20-903  ELD500 Dry  200-240V 50/60Hz
D13520906 D135-20-906  ELD500 Dry  100-120V 60Hz
D13530000 D135-30-000  ELD500 Flex  100-240V 50/60Hz