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Consumable parts vary with model type. Pricing is determined by model configuration, oil type and hard parts damage.

BOC Edwards iGX600M - Scope of Work

PTB Sales will perform the following:

1. Complete teardown and disassembly of the pump

2. All parts are inspected and cleaned

  • High pressure parts washer
  • Corncobb blaster
  • Glass blaster

3. Parts are dimensionally evaluated

4. Rebuild of the pump (All OEM parts used)

  • Exhaust silencer
    • NEW O-rings/seals installed
  • Claws/spacer sleeves
    • recoated with Teflon
  • Exhaust check valve
    • NEW O-rings installed
  • TCV water valve
  • TCV water manifold
    • NEW O-rings/seals installed
  • Pump module
    • Headplates, stators and shafts stoned
    • NEW pump bearings installed
    • NEW gas ballast valve installed
    • NEW 3 to 4 interstage valve installed
    • NEW Oil sight glass installed
    • All O-Rings, seals, rings filters, shims and gaskets replaced with NEW
    • Module painted
  • Motor
    • NEW motor bearings installed
    • NEW motor gaskets installed
    • NEW coupling (spider) installed
    • NEW Rotation/Motor Rating label applied
    • Shaft keys replaced with new
    • Painted

5. Final Tests

  • iGX electronic module tested with Edwards Software laptop/Pump Display Module (GameBoy)
  • iGX electronic module fuses checked/replaced as necessary
  • Water flow switches operation confirmed/tested
  • Sensor module and wiring checked
  • Hour counters zeroed
  • Sensors zeroed
  • Base pressure tested
    • Gas ballast off
    • Gas ballast on
  • Motor amperage confirmed
  • Noise/db level confirmed
  • 24 hour run test
  • All switches/sensors readings confirmed

6. Packaging and Shipping

  • Paint pump
  • Apply all safety and startup labels
  • Test reported completed
  • QC report created
  • Package pump and ship

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PTB Sales is the national leader in BOC Edwards dry pump repairs.

Our state of the art 27,853 sq ft remanufacturing facility conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards, and is supported by an engineering team with over 90 years combined experience in vacuum technology. Our pump technicians, led by a factory-trained mechanic, have over 100 years combined experience.

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Procedures for shipping used equipment to PTB Sales:

  • Seal off the exhaust and inlet of the pump.
  • Attach our pump declaration form to the equipment to declare what contaminants the equipment has been exposed to.

There is a $300 Evaluation Fee. This gets applied to the cost of repair.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an e-mail to our sales team!