Kinney KVC 1000 - NEW

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Weight 1,803 lbs
Motor Power 30 hp
Pumping Speed 1,140 m3/h
Ultimate Pressure 200 mbar

Kinney KVC 1000 Dry Claw Vacuum Pump - NEW

MD-Kinney now proudly offers KVC Series dry claw vacuum pumps in the Kinney Vacuum portfolio. The KVC Series claw pumps offer a compact footprint requiring a minimal amount of floor space. Contactless operation means minimal wearing parts and maintenance needed, and oil-free compression. The KVC claw pumps have a highly efficient design for not only energy efficiency, but also efficiency for CFM per HP.

Kinney claw pumps require minimal floor space and are very easy to install. Combined with extremely minimal service, this product is the perfect fit for wide range of application and markets.

Kinney is now part of MD-Kinney, which was formerly known as Tuthill Springfield.

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Kinney KVC 1000 Dry Claw Vacuum Pump - NEW