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Lake Shore Model 218 Temperature Monitor - REBUILT

The Model 218 is an eight input temperature monitor that can be used with diode or resistive temperature sensors. The measurement input was designed for the demands of cryogenic temperature measurement. The monitor’s low noise, high resolution and wide operating range make it ideal for noncryogenic applications as well.

There are two versions of the Model 218, the Model 218S and Model 218E. Both versions have the same sensor measurement and display capabilities but include different interfaces.

The Model 218S has many interface features intended for system integration and automated data collection that make it useful for cryogenic and noncryogenic applications. The Model 218S includes two computer interfaces, IEEE-488 and serial. Data logging memory and printer capability are included to help automate data collection. Two analog voltage outputs, an alarm feature and eight relays enhance system integration.

The Model 218E is configured to have a lower selling price but maintains the same level of performance. It includes a serial computer interface, data logging memory and printer capability. The alarm feature is also present on the Model 218E, but there are no relays. The 218E has all the features and specifications of the 218S except IEEE-488 interface, analog voltage outputs and relays.

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Lake Shore Model 218 Temperature Monitor - REBUILT