Leybold TURBOVAC 1350 i - NEW

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Weight 16.5 lbs
Pumping Speed 290 l/s
Ultimate Pressure < 8 x 10-8 mbar

Leybold TURBOVAC 1350 i Turbomolecular Vacuumk6 Pump - NEW

The TURBOVAC i / iX family has grown and now has two further members. The new TURBOVAC 1450 i offers additional pump sizes with significantly higher pumping speeds than previously available, enabling customers to take advantage in more applications. That‘s why you can always rely on TURBOVAC i / iX!

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Inlet high-vacuum connection DN 250 ISO-F
Pumping speed  l/s
    N2 290
    Ar 260
    He 360
    H2 350


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Leybold TURBOVAC 1350 i Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

850102V1000 DN 200 ISO-F
850102V2000 DN 200 ISO-F
850092V1000 DN 200 ISO-K
850102V2000U DN 200 ISO-F, Overhead-horizontal
850092V2000U DN 200 ISO-K, Overhead-horizontal
850092V1000U DN 200 ISO-K, Overhead-horizontal