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USED MKS ENI POLARA 260A Pulsed Bipolar DC Magnetron Power Supply

The POLARA®-260-01 is a rugged, highly reliable pulsed bipolar power supply for semiconductor chip electroplating applications. Featuring precise power control and digital interfacing, POLARA®-260-01 provides the exceptional reliability and repeatability required for today's demanding chip fabrication processes:

Precise power calibration is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

An extremely rugged and highly efficient power section ensures greater power delivery into copper electroplating systems. The multiple DSP-based control is operated exclusively by remote control and constantly monitors internal subsystem status and reports information to the host computer. Extensive built-in diagnostics and internal fail­ safe memory simplify maintenance requirements and increase system uptime.

A 9-pin digital interface provides remote control, monitoring and diagnostic capability via the RS-232 serial link to a computer or host terminal.

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Pulsed-DC output channel configuration Two channels provided:
1. Each channel has two output power terminals (one "hot" terminal and one "common" terminal), two interlock terminals, and two remote voltage­sense terminals. Each "common" terminal is internally connected directly to the equipment chassis.
2. The two output channels operate independently of each other.
3. For each channel, a dedicated, independently driven, bipolar power source is provided to supply commanded output power between the "hot" and "common" terminals of that channel.
4. For each channel, the maximum leakage current (in standby mode) between its "hot" and "common" terminals is less than 2 µA
Pulsed-DC output signal amplitude regulation options Each step of the multi-step, bipolar, rectangular output waveform may be either current or voltage regulated. Current and voltage regulation are with respect to the "common" terminal for the subject channel.
Pulsed-DC output voltage maximum ±48V peak
Pulsed-DC output per-channel current maximum 70A peak / 60A continuous (RMS)
Pulsed-DC output per-channel power maximum 3.36 kW peak / 2.88 kW continuous (RMS)
Pulsed-DC output voltage set point range (for voltage-regulated steps) 0 to ±48 V peak (in 10-mV increments)
Pulsed-DC output current set point range (for current-regulated steps) 0 to 70A peak (in 10-mA increments)
Pulsed-DC output voltage regulation performance (for voltage-regulated steps)     ± (50mV + 0.5% of set point)
Pulsed-DC output current regulation performance (for current-regulated steps) ± (50 mA + 0.5% of set point)
Pulsed-DC output voltage ripple < 100 mV (RMS) (for peak output voltage < 20 V)
< 200 mV (RMS) (for peak output voltage > 20 V)
Output load impedance range 0.5 - 4.0 Ω, resistive
(load connected to equipment output terminals through 10-ft. long twisted pair of 8 AWG stranded wires)
Output load impedance out-of-range protection By design, this equipment is immune to potential damage from passive load impedance out-of-range operating conditions, including (but not limited to) open-circuit and short-circuit output loads. The corresponding protection mechanism(s) provide for a temporary operating condition safe for both the equipment and its user.
Pulsed-DC output signal rise/fall time < 40 µsec (for resistive loads within the range 0.5 - 1.5 Ω)
< 50 µsec (for resistive loads within the range 1.5 - 4.0 Ω)
Primary AC power source 3/PE~, 208V +10% -15%, 30A, 50 - 60Hz ± 5%
Line-to-output efficiency > 75%
Power consumption 11 kVA (nominal line, 60 Hz)
Circuit breaker 3 Pole, 30 A
A clear cover is provided over the breaker to prevent accidental tripping
Cooling system Forced-air cooling
External ambient air temperature rating 10 - 40°C
External ambient air relative humidity rating 80% RH (max) at up to 31°C, derated linearly to 50% RH (max) at 40°C
Acoustic noise level < 80dB (as measured at 1 m distance from front panel)
Installation (overvoltage) category INSTALLATION CATEGORY 11: Local level, appliances, portable equipment, etc., with smaller transient overvoltages than distribution level and fixed equipment.
Pollution degree POLLUTION DEGREE 2: Normally only non-conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally, however, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation must be expected.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EMC compliant with standards
    EN50081-2: 1992
        Group 2, Class A, radiated emissions only
    EN 50082-2: 1995
Product safety NRTL Listed to standards
    CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92
        Category 290
    EN61010-1: 1993 / A2: 1995
        Category 387
    UL 3111-1 : 1994
        Category 435
CE compliance CE marked
Size* (H xW x D) 133mm x 481 mm x 606mm (5.24" x 18.9" rack mount x 23.9")
*excluding non-detachable line cord
Weight 29.5 kg (65 lbs)
Pulsed-DC output connectors Type MS3102 box mounting receptacle with socket contacts (either Amphenol/Bendix Part No. MS3102E20-8S or MS3102R20-8S)
External chassis (ground) terminal Size M6 stud provided on back panel, directly below line cord strain relief.
Rack mounting 19-inch adapters supplied
Equipment internal fuse ratings Fuses Ft-F3 on Main Housekeeping PCB Assy (000-1097-300) 3AT, 250 V
Reliability MTBF goal is 80,000 hours demonstrated with a 90% confidence interval
Air flow clearance The power supply will operate properly with a minimum clearance of 1 inch around cooling fans and outlet (exhaust air vents)

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USED MKS ENI POLARA 260A Pulsed Bipolar DC Magnetron Power Supply