MD-Kinney's blower division, M-D Pneumatics®, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of quality blowers and blower packages. Their USA-made core products are tried and true. Innovation comes in customizable solutions that are unique to the needs of your application. You’ll find M‑D Pneumatics blowers at the center of your material flow—from a legacy of dependability to excellence in customer support. 

Call us today for pricing and availability of factory new ANEST IWATA scroll pumps and pump modules!

PTB stocks dozens of MD-Kinney’s most popular pumps and blowers! Give us a call to check availability on factory-new units or used units that have been rebuilt to OEM spec by our factory certified technicians.

MD-Kinney proudly offers KVO Series oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps in the Kinney vacuum portfolio!

The KVO Series is an oil sealed, multi-vane, single-stage, air cooled, and direct-driven vacuum pump. This design is rugged and durable with a heavy-duty construction for continuous duty applications. Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are simple, quiet, and efficient, offering a very attractive $/CFM ratio when compared to other technologies.

Ideal for applications such as Freeze Drying, Vacuum Packaging, Filling & Sealing, Central Vacuum Systems, Thermoforming, Food Packaging, and Injection Molding. 

PTB buys, sells, and services components used in popular vacuum systems across a wide range of OEMs, including Applied Materials, CHA, and more. Visit our Vacuum System Support page to learn more!

PTB stocks A series liquid ring pumps!

MD-Kinney offers all-bronze pumps at a lower cost than stainless steel versions to support harsh process conditions on a budget.

With very few parts, no valves, no rubbing parts, and no oil to be changed – the A Series also saves you time and money when it comes to maintenance.

Are you tool down and need repair service in the greater Los Angeles area? We will pick up your pump!

PTB will pick up your used equipment, bring it back to OEM specification, and return it to your facility anywhere in Southern California. We cover an area ranging as far north as Santa Barbara and as far south as San Diego. We refer the services of a local rigging company for large pump installations.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an email to our sales team!

In need of turbo pump refurbishment or a rebuilt spare? Look no further. PTB has provided top tier sales and service for turbo pumps and controllers across all major OEMs for over 25 years.

Each rebuilt turbo pump undergoes a state of the art proprietary balancing procedure and is subjected to rigorous quality inspections. Our technical expertise and decades of experience have solidified our reputation as the leading rebuilt turbo pump supplier in North America.

Browse deals on turbo pumps and controllers.

MD-Kinney's U.S.A. manufactured claw shaped rotors are designed for contactless operation and are expertly designed for the tightest fitting tolerances which provides the highest efficiency in claw compression.

None of the internal components make contact, which extends the service interval and keeps the pump running longer. Claw rotors are designed to pass through small dry particles without impeding operation. The claw rotors are coated with a dry film that offers corrosion protection and is ideal for moist applications such as drying processes.

The PTB custom engineered Turbo Cart Vacuum System (TCVS) is a mobile high vacuum system, suitable for a wide array of applications.

The TCVS’s modular design and mobility easily allows the movement and configuration of the system to your specific needs. Google engineers chose PTB to provide a custom turbo vacuum pump system for their quantum computing lab in Santa Barbara, CA. We are excited that our system makes a cameo, 2 minutes into the video.

Learn more about the PTB custom TCVS.

The M-D Pneumatics QX is a high pressure, low noise industrial blower that provides high efficiency at high pressure and vacuum. Its bi-direction, tri-lobe rotor design offers reduced pulsation and lower noise levels while its large integral shaft rotors prevent loosening over time.

We are pleased to serve the needs of our Southern California and Hawaii territories by offering the entire range of M-D Pneumatics positive displacement blowers as well OEM parts, lubricants, and accessories. As a Certified MD-Kinney Partner, we understand the importance of uptime by providing dependable and reliable local service with factory certified technicians and field support services to keep your industrial process up and running smoothly.