Adixen Alcatel A100L iPUP - REBUILT

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Weight 220.5 lbs
Pumping Speed 63 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 1.2 x 10-2 mbar

Adixen Alcatel A100L iPUP Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The pump is designed for applications that require the pumping of clean (dust-free) and non-corrosive gases. Examples are:

  • Instrumentation
  • Gas analysis
  • Electronic microscope
  • X-ray spectrometer
  • Leak detection 
  • Surface analyzer
  • Research and development
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Load lock and transfer chamber pumping
  • Wafer back pumping

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Rotation speed 100 Hz / 6,000 rpm
Peak pumping speed 95 m3/h / 1,583 l/min / 63 cfm
Ultimate pressure (w/out N2 purge) 1.2 x 10-2 mbar / 9 mTorr
Max. continuous inlet pressure 50 Torr
Supply voltage 200 - 208 V 3-phase 50/60Hz
Max. continuous power (at max. pressure) 2.5 kW
Power consumption at ultimate pressure 1.8 kW
Average sound level at full speed 55 dBA
Guaranteed sound level at full speed 58 dBA
Ambient temperature 15 - 50°C
Water flow min. 100 l/h
Water temperature min. 10°C / max. 25°C
Gear box fluid capacity 150 cm3 cc
Weight (w/out hand held display module) 220.4 lbs / 100 kg
Inlet flange DN 50 ISO-KF
Exhaust flange DN 25 ISO-KF
Secondary exhaust port DN 25 ISO-KF
Interstage flange DN 25 ISO-KF
Max. exhaust flow 13 cfm
Vibration level at the enclosure baseplate sidehole (4 to 400 Hz Spectrum)  
    Acceleration < 0.1 G
    Displacement < 1.5 μm
    Speed < 1 mm/s


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Alcatel IPUP A100 - REBUILT IPUP A100 Instruction Manual Download

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Adixen Alcatel A100L iPUP Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT