Agilent HS 20 - NEW

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Weight 600 lbs
Pumping Speed 21,188.8 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 1.3 x 10-3 to 5 x 10-8 Torr

Agilent Varian HS-20 Diffusion High Vacuum Pump - NEW

The Agilent HS-20 Oil Diffusion Pump is a pump with a high throughput and high pumping speed of 10,000 l/s. With its fully optimized vapor jet, robust boiler design and thermal protection switches, the pump will run without any maintenance for many years. It is available with 20 in. ASA or ISO 630K inlet flange.

This pump is a perfect fit for industrial applications such as vacuum furnace, heat treatment, metallizing, and coating processes for optical lenses, electronics, and protective film layers.

  • Five-stage fractionating jet purifies pumping fluid and assures low base pressure
  • High tolerable forepressure
  • Full thermal protection
  • Fluid-level sight glass provides quick indication of pump fluid status at all times
  • Fill and drain assembly for pump oil
  • Standard gauge port (NW-25) below inlet flange included
  • Foreline baffle prevents loss of fluid into backing pump system
  • Optional halo baffle reduces backstreaming without adding height

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Backstreaming Rate 1.5 x 10-3 mg/cm²/min
Cooldown Time 45 min
Electrical Requirements 3-phase 50/60 Hz 240/415/480 V
Fluid Charge 18,927 CC
Fluid Type Oil
Input Voltage 240, 415, 480 V
Maximum Forepressure - Full Load 0.55 Torr (0.72 mbar)
Maximum Forepressure - No Load 0.65 Torr (0.85 mbar)
Maximum Throughput 12.5 T-L/s (16.7 mbar-L/s)
Operating Range 1.3 x 10-3 to 5 x 10-8 Torr
1.7 x 10-3 to 6.5 x 10-8 mbar
Pump Power 12,000 W
Pump Weight 600 lbs (272.2 kg)
Pumping Speed - Air 10,000 L/s
Pumping Speed - Air, via AVS 4.1 (1963) 17,500 L/s
Pumping Speed - He/H2 12,500 L/s
Recommended Backing Pump ≥ 100 cfm (170 m3/hr)
Warmup Time 45 min
Water Connections 1/4 inch FPT
Water Cooling - Temperature Requirement 60-80°F (15-26°C)
Water Cooling Flow Requirement 1.5 gpm (300 L/hr)


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Agilent Varian HS-20 Diffusion High Vacuum Pump - NEW

84341308 / 84341-308  ASA w/ standard cold cap 240V
84341318 / 84341-318  ASA w/ halo baffle 240V
84341326 / 84341-326  ASA w/ standard cold cap 415V
84341336 / 84341-336  ASA w/ halo baffle 415V
84341309 / 84341-309  ASA w/ standard cold cap 480V
84341319 / 84341-319  ASA w/ halo baffle 480V
L5922308 / L5922-308  ISO w/ standard cold cap 240V
L5922318 / L5922-318  ISO w/ halo baffle 240V
L5922326 / L5922-326  ISO w/ standard cold cap 415V
L5922336 / L5922-336  ISO w/ halo baffle 415V
L5922309 / L5922-309  ISO w/ standard cold cap 480V
L5922319 / L5922-319  ISO w/ halo baffle 480V