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Weight 46 lbs
Pumping Speed 500 L/min
Ultimate Pressure 0.5 Pa

EBARA EV-PA500 Light Duty Dry Semiconductor Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The EV-PA Series dry vacuum pump has a compact design and includes various sensors and controls to enhance reliability and operation. This pump is suitable for use on clean and non-corrosive gases. Do not use eplosive, flammable, toxic, and water, codensability or corrosive substances.

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Model EV-PA250 EV-PA500
Pumping speed (Gas ballast setting) 230 L/min (200 L/min) 500 L/min (430 L/min)
Ultimate pressure (Gas ballast setting) 0.5 Pa (2.0 Pa)
Gas inlet connection NW25 NW40
Gas outlet connection NW25
Approx. power at ultimate pressure (Max power) 240W (380W) 270W (600W)
Approx. weight 16 kg 21 kg
Ambient temperature * 5°C to 30°C
Cooling system Air cooling
Phase/Volt/Freq Single phase, 100-230V±10%, 50/60Hz
Power capacity 450 VA 660 VA
Power supply connection HIRAKAWA HEWTECH Corp. CM-11
Gas ballast ** connection G1/8 Female
Flow rate > 8.4 Pam3/s (at atmosphere pressure)
Gas type Dry air or N2
Control signal D-sub 15 Pin
CP rating 10A
Acoustic noise test data *** 58 dB(A)

* The ambient air temperature must be less than 30°C.

** The gas ballast flow rate is set by a built-in orifice. (at atmosphere pressure) When the gas ballast is supplied with high pressure, please set the supply pressure (0.05MPa (Gage pressure) or less) and set the gas ballast flow rate to 8.4Pam3/s. The pumping speed and the ultimate pressure might be effected by the gas ballast frow rate. Install valve, check valve, and filter to the ballast port if necessary. The ability for moisture exhaust in the gas ballast is 10g/hr at the maximum.

*** Measured on the following condision (1) Pump is operating under ultimate pressure. (no gas ballast) (2) Measured at 1m distance from cover.

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EBARA EV-PA500 Light Duty Dry Semiconductor Vacuum Pump - REBUILT