Edwards EH2600 - NEW

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Weight 882 lbs
Motor Power 15 hp
Pumping Speed 1,900 m3/h
Ultimate Pressure 7.6 x 102 Torr

Edwards EH2600 Mechanical Booster Vacuum Pump - NEW

The EH mechanical booster pump, based on the simple Roots principle, remains the favourite pump for applications where high pumping speeds are required for pressures in the region of 0.01 to 10 mbar. This pump must always be backed by another pump, which can deliver against a high-pressure differential to atmospheric pressure.

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Displacement (swept volume)
50 Hz 2,590 m3h-1 / 1,525 ft3min-1
60 Hz 3,110 m3h-1 / 1,830 ft3min-1
Effective pumping speed with backing pump
E2M175 1,750 m3h-1 / 1,031 ft3min-1
E2M275 1,900 m3h-1 / 1,119 ft3min-1
Pressure differential across pump
50 Hz 120 mbar / 90 Torr
60 Hz 67 mbar / 50 Torr
Inlet connection ISO160
Outlet connection ISO100
Rotating speed
50 Hz 2,900 rpm
60 Hz 3,500 rpm
Operating continuous inlet pressure 1,000 mbar / 760 Torr
Maximum outlet pressure 1,000 mbar / 760 Torr
Recommended backing pumps GXS250, GXS400, E2M175, E2M275, ES300, ES630, 412J, IDX1000, IDX1300
Motor power
Hydrocarbon 11 kW / 15 hp
PFPE 11 kW / 15 hp
ATEX 11 kW
Explosion proof 15 hp
Ambient temp. range
Operating 5 to 40°C / 40t o 104°F
Storage -20 to 80°C / 14 to 176°F
Max. operating humidity 90% RH
Recommended oil
Standard version Ultragrade 20
PFPE version Fomblin YVAC 16/6
Oil capacity
Gear case 3.5 l
Shaft seal reservoir 6.5 l
Weight 401 kg /882 lb


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Edwards EH2600 Mechanical Booster Vacuum Pump - NEW

A30741935 / A307-41-935  EH2600T3  380-415V 3-phase 50Hz 11kW
A30756982 / A307-56-982  EH2600C  230/460V 3-phase 60Hz 15 hp
A30779900 / A307-79-900  EH2600T4  380-415V 3-phase 50Hz 11kW
A30705934 / A307-05-934  EH2600HC  IE3 Asia 50Hz 200V
A30705945 / A307-05-945  EH2600HC  IE3 EU/CN 50Hz 380-400V
A30706934 / A307-06-934  EH2600HC  IE3 Asia 60Hz 200V, 380V
A30706946 / A307-06-946  EH2600HC  IE3 US 60Hz 230/460V
A30707934 / A307-07-934  EH2600FX  IE3 Asia 50Hz 200V
A30707945 / A307-07-945  EH2600FX  IE3 EU/CN 50Hz 380-400V
A30708934 / A307-08-934  EH2600FX  IE3 Asia 60Hz 200V, 380V
A30708946 / A307-08-946  EH2600FX  IE3 US 60Hz 230/460V
A30753935 / A307-53-935  EH2600FX  380-415V 3-phase 50Hz 11kW
A30754936 / A307-54-936  EH2600FX  230/460V 3-phase 60Hz 15 hp
A30775946 / A307-75-946  EH2600IND  380-415V 3-phase 50Hz 11kW
A30776982 / A307-76-982  EH2600IND  230/460V 3-phase 60Hz 15 hp
A30754934 / A307-54-934  EH2600IND  200V 3-phase 60Hz 15 hp
A30753934 / A307-53-934  EH2600IND  200V 3-phase 50Hz 11kW

Atlas Copco ZRS2600  3-phase 230/460V 60Hz