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Height 110 mm
Width 105 mm
Length 245 mm
Weight 10 lbs

Edwards TIC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Controller, 100/200W RS232 - NEW

A compact turbo controller with a large clear graphical display, an intuitive user interface and serial communications providing full remote control and data logging functions via a new Windows™ based PC program. The controller automatically recognizes and supports one 24 V turbomolecular pump from the EXT / nEXT range. Cooling and vent valve support is provided directly from the controller. Mains backing pumps (up to nXDS20i / RV12) may be controlled via an optional relay box. 2 different power variants are available, 100W or 200W which determines the ramp speed of the turbo pump. In addition 200W models have the ability to power a 24Vdc backing pump such as our XDD1 or nXDS through a 15-way D. Turbo and instrument models add the ability to control up to 3 of our range of Active gauges (excluding IGC & Barocels).

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Pump / TIC power 100W / 200W
EXT75DX Fast / Fast
nEXT 80W Slow / Slow
nEXT 160W Slow / Fast
Mains input
Electrical supply 90 to 264 VAC 47 to 63 Hz
Power consumption 215 VA
Peak inrush current 10.3 A @ 110 VAC / 23 A @ 230 VAC
Earth stud M4
Auxiliary terminals
Air cooling fan 24 VDC 3 W max, ACX70, ACX75 & ACX250H
Vent valve 24 VDC 2 W max, TAV5 & TAV6
H2 6 mbar x l/s
Electronics housing 110 mm high x 105 mm wide x 245 mm deep
Front panel 106 mm wide x 128 mm high
Weight 3.5 kg
Operating temp +0 to +40°C
Storage temp -30 to +70°C
Max ambient operating humidity 90% RH non-condensing at 40°C
Max operating altitude 3,000 m
Electronic design EN 61010-1
Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61326 Industrial Location, Class B Emissions
Enclosure rating IP20

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Edwards TIC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Controller, 100/200W RS232 - NEW

D39711000 / D397-11-000  TIC  100W RS232
D39712000 / D397-12-000  TIC  200W RS232
D39721000 / D397-21-000  TIC  100W RS232
D39722000 / D397-22-000  TIC  200W RS232