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USED MKS ENI RFC-6 RF Matching Network Controller

The ENI Model RFC-6 is a microprocessor based controller designed to provide remote control of EN l's MWD-25LD matching network. For compatibility with other ENI matching networks, please contact the nearest ENI Service location.

The RFC-6 uses two (2) pairs of fiber optic serial links to connect to the unit being controlled or monitored.

The front panel of the RFC-6 contains a back-lit liquid crystal display which has two lines of twenty characters. The display allows read back of the present operational settings of the unit being controlled.

A set of buttons below the display cause appropriate commands to be sent over the serial link to adjust the unit being controlled.

Connections are made to the rear of the RFC-6. The rear panel contains the fiber optic serial connections and the RS-232 debug port. Also, analog control and monitoring is achieved via the 36 way amphenol connector.

The RFC-6 is designed to fit into a half rack width to allow two modules to be mounted side by side in a standard nineteen inch relay rack.

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Supply voltages Selectable to 100, 120, 220 or 240 VAC operation
Display Two rows of 20 characters on a back-lit liquid crystal display
Buttons Nine momentary push buttons scanned by a microprocessor
Interfaces Two fiber optic serial interfaces. One is for control of an ENI digital matching network, and one for serial debugging information
Serial link data format     Set to a standard baud rate of 19,200
Size Two relay rack increments high, 89mm (3.5 fnches), and less than half a relay rack wide 215mm (8.74 inches ). The depth of the module is 155mm (6.1 inches)
Weight 4 lbs (1.82 kg)

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USED MKS ENI RFC-6 RF Matching Network Controller