Pfeiffer DUO 3 - REBUILT

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Weight 25 lbs
Pumping Speed 2.5 m3/h
Ultimate Pressure 3 x 10-3 mbar

Pfeiffer Vacuum DUO 3 Rotary Vane Pump - REBUILT

Vacuum pump of UNO/DUO series are oil-sealed, single/two stage rotary van vacuum pumps. The vacuum pumps are equipped with a high vacuum safety valve that vacuum seals the vacuum chamber and vents the pump at the same time when the pump is at standstill.

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Flange in/out DN 16 ISO-KF
Pumping speed at 50 Hz 2.5 m3/h
Pumping speed at 60 Hz 2.9 m3/h
Ultimate pressure w/ gas ballast 3 x 10-3 hPa
Ultimate pressure w/out gas ballast
Exhaust pressure min. Atmospheric pressure
Exhaust pressure max. 1,500 hPa
Rotation speed at 50 Hz 3,000 min-1
Rotation speed at 60 Hz 3,600 min-1
Leak rate safety valve ≤ 1 x 10-5 Pa m3/s
Emission sound pressure level w/out gas ballast at 50 Hz     ≤ 53 dB(A)
Ambient temperature 12 - 40°C
Protection category IP 40
Rated power at 50 Hz 0.15 kW
Rated power at 60 Hz 0.18 kW
Switch Yes
Mains cable No
Shipping & storage temperature -25 to +55°C
Operating fluid filling 0.4 l
Weight 11.3 kg / 25 lbs
Cooling method, standard Air

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Pfeiffer Vacuum DUO 3 Rotary Vane Pump - REBUILT
PKD57504A / PK D57 504 A
PKD57711A / PK D57 711 A