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VIC Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC MD-490S Portable Dry Helium Leak Detector Sniffer - NEW

The dedicated tracer gas sniffing only portable MD-490S is considered the Leak Detection “Work Horse” by manufacturing companies worldwide.

The MD-490S is the highest sensitivity sniffer with a response time less than 0.5 seconds and the ability to zero-out background, this is the most aggressive portable leak detector in the industry, with advanced features designed specifically for industrial use.

  • Vibra-Leak Probe with background suppression button provides tactile feedback when leak rate exceeds the reject set point; Ideally suited for noisy environments where audio alarms cannot be heard or where leak detectors are in close proximity; Vibra-Leak Probe solves background tracer gas problems during the test.
  • Tracer Gas Background Suppression with a push of a button, the MD-490S eliminates the tracer gas background.
  • Most Sensitive Sniffer Available with 10-8 sensing capabilities through enhanced tracer gas collector design and signal processing
  • Fully Interactive System Diagnostics include critical parameters such as run times, operating voltages / currents and pressures.
  • Graphical and Numerical Displays of leak rate values.
  • Sealed Membrane Keypad for long life in harsh environments.
  • Fully Automatic Calibration sequence with built-in NIST calibrated gas leak which prompts the operator to insert probe into the built-in leak and adjusts the machine’s leak rate reading to match the leak value.
  • Dry (oil-free) Vacuum Pumping minimizes maintenance and potential oil contamination problems.
  • Probe Blockage Alarm ensures proper system performance.
  • Front Panel Key Lock-Out prevents unauthorized use.
  • High Output Adjustable Audio Alarm up to 110 dB.

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VIC Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC MD-490S Portable Dry Helium Leak Detector Sniffer - NEW

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