Elmo Rietschle V-VC 202 - REBUILT

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Weight 424 lbs
Pumping Speed 141 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 0.375 Torr

Elmo Rietschle V-VC 202 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

Oil-flooded rotary vane vacuum pumps. Capacities ranging from 118 to 212 cfm, ultimate partial vacuum 0.075 Torr. Flange motor, bearings on both sides of the rotor, oil/air heat exchanger. Fitted as standard with fine mesh filter, vacuum non-return valve, gas ballast valve, protection cover and oil separator. Versions for handling of gases with raised oxygen-share as well as versions with high water vapour tolerance for vacuum drying are available.

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Nominal suction capacity     141 cfm
Ultimate partial vacuum 0.075 Torr - 29.92 in. HgV
Ultimate vacuum 0.375 Torr - 29.91 in. HgV
Rated voltage 230 / 460 V ± 10 %
Motor rating 7.5 kW
Full load amperage 21.2 / 10.6
Speed 1,740 rpm
Noise level 73 dBA
Weight 424 lbs
Oil capacity 8 qt

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Elmo Rietschle V-VC 202 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

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