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Weight 397 lbs
Motor Power 7.38 hp
Pumping Speed 240 m3/h
Ultimate Pressure 8 x 10-2 mbar

Leybold SOGEVAC SV300 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The standard version of the SOGEVAC rotary vane pump series is suitable for rough industrial applications which can be customized to fit individual customer needs. A wide range of monitoring accessories and options are available. Different motor versions, inlet or exhaust ports, food-grade oil, food-grade paint, larger gas ballast are some examples of possible customizing.

This is an older version than the SV300B

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Nominal Speed
    50 Hz 280 m3 x h-1 165 cfm
    60 Hz 340 m3 x h-1 200 cfm
Pumping speed
    50 Hz 240 m3 x h-1 141 cfm
    60 Hz 290 m3 x h-1 170 cfm
Ultimate partial pressure w/out gas ballast     ≤ 8 x 10-2 mbar
Ultimate partial pressure w/ gas ballast ≤ 0.7 mbar
Water vapor tolerance
    w/ standard gas ballast 30 mbar
    w/ big gas ballast 50 mbar
Water vapor capacity 5.4 kg x h-1
Oil capacity, min / max 8.5 l / 11.5 l
Noise level 70 dBA
Admissible ambient temperature 12 to 40°C / 54 to 104°F
Motor power 5.5 kW
Nominal speed 1,450 min-1
Type of protection IP 55
Weight 180 kg
Intake, thread 2" G or NPT
Exhaust, thread 2" G or NPT
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Leybold SOGEVAC SV 200 & 300 - REBUILT Instruction Manual Download

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Leybold SOGEVAC SV300 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

10931 / 109 31
EURO 3-phase w/ standard gas ballast valve

95031 / 950 31 
USA NEMA 230/460V w/ standard gas ballast valve