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Brooks Polycold Systems MaxCool XC-8800 MT PLUS Cryochiller - REBUILT

Edwards brands the recent Polycold cryochiller as the MaxCool 2500L and 4000H. Water vapor is condensed on a baffle that freezes until the next vent cycle. It provides 2,500 Watts of cooling at -120 C

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Specifications MaxCool 2000 MaxCool 2500L MaxCool 4000H
Maximum cooling capacity 2,000 W 2,500 W 4,000 W
Temperature at maximum cooling capacity -111°C -120°C -98°C
Coldest temperature -142°C -145°C -133°C
Ultimate operating pressure (25% of max pumping speed) 3E-9 Torr 8E-10 Torr 5E-8 Torr
Typical cold trap area 1.1 m2 1.4 m2 2.2 m2
Maximum water vapor pumping speed from typical cold trap area 163,900 l/s 208,600 l/s 327,800 l/s
Conservative maximum cold trap area* 1.5 m2 2.0 m2 2.8 m2
Electrical consumption (standby mode) 5.5 kW 11.4 kW 12.0 kW
Electrical consumption (cool mode, typical load) 6.2 kW 13.9 kW 12.4 kW
Electrical consumption (cool mode, max load) 8.8 kW 19.2 kW
Cooling water flow for 13°C 6.8 l/min 15.1 l/min
Cooling water flow for 18°C 9.1 l/min 18.2 l/min
Cooling water flow for 24°C 13.6 l/min 27.3 l/min
Cooling water flow for 29°C 27.6 l/min 54.1 l/min
European PED-compliant Yes
Nontoxic refrigerants Yes
Non-flammable refrigerants Yes
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Polycold Maxcool 4000H Data Sheet Data Sheet Download
Polycold MaxCool Series - REBUILT Installation & Operation Manual Download

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Brooks Polycold Systems MaxCool XC-8800 MT PLUS Water Vapor Cryochiller - REBUILT

Edwards Polycold MaxCool 2500L
Edwards Polycold MaxCool 4000H